facilities / gear

County Q has 5 separate studios available full of well maintained gear and musical instruments. We've been here a while and have accumulated a lot of tools. If you're into formats, consoles and mic selection, here's a partial list of our gear and facilities.


Studio A

Studio A at County Q features a Trident 80B Console. It is considered one of  the fattest and warmest analog consoles available today. Simple split design,  hand-wired chassis, very British. You're ready to Rock. The 32 in and out  Protools HD 3 Accel with Apogee interface rig, is as creative as it is  transparent. 

County Q has a Custom AHA Phoenix Maple House Drum Kit available for your use. There are over 10 snare drums available. Cymbals, Congas, Bongos, Various Percussion Instruments are also available, It is mic'ed up and ready to record. Bring nothing more than your groove. 
(well maybe a couple of sticks, too)

You wanna overdub or track with keys? The Industry-Standard White Yamaha C7 is always tuned, and mic'ed. Sit down and create. Our vintage Wurlitzer, and various other synths are available for use.

On site we have many amps for your use - Fender Blues Deluxe, Mesa-Boogie, Sovtek Mig- 100, Roland Jazz Chorus 77. Various other cabinets and amps are available. You need to  borrow an acoustic or electric. WE got 'em. Call ahead though - these instruments are used  alot.

The tracking facility itself is comprised of the control room, machine room and no less than 6 isolated spaces, most with sight lines to each other. This place is layed out by musicians for musiciansWhether you're treating yourself to one fat track, or trying to jam in a whole album in one day, this place has "Vibe" out the ying-yang.

Studio A Gear List
Trident Series 80B 

Apogee AD/DA 16X 
32 In/Out 

Apple Dual 2Ghz G5 

Speaker Monitors: 
Genelec 1032A 

Outboard Gear: 

Pre -Ampex 4each 
-Summit Audio 2ea 
-Avalon VT 737sp 
-Millenia HV-3 
-SVT Vacuum Tube 

Compressors -DBX 160X 2X 
-Teletronics LA2A 
-Urei 1176LN 
-Urei LA-4A 4X 
-DBX 160 2X 

Reverb -Lexicon PCM 80 

Gates -Rolls Mix Max RM81 
-DBX 172 SuperGate 
-Symetrix 564E 

Alesis Masterlink ML-9600 

Mics -2x Superlux CM-H8C 
-2x Audio-Technica ATM 25 
-AKG C414 EB 
-2x AKG C 460 B 
-6x Shure SM 57 
-Sennheisser MD421 
-Avlex AV 480 
-AKG C 451 EB 
-4x CAD MP10 
-2x Neumann KM 184 
-AKG 414B-ULS 
-AKG The Tube 
-3x Audio Technica AT 4033 
-Peluso 22 47 Tube 
-Lawson Tube 
-ElectroVoice PL-20 
-AKG D112

Studio B 
our B room is an extremely comfortable and balanced mix room. Clients for years have enjoyed the punchy spacious mixes coming out of studio B. The perfect companion to tracking room , studio B is where records are taken from the initial stages to tracking , through the vocal overdub and editing process , and finally mixed.  In addition to all the requisite protools production gear, the B room is well designed for accurate low end and imaging.   An overhead skylight bathes the control room in natural light. The B room is a very comfy , productive place to produce music at any stage in the process. 

Studio B Gear List
Pro Tools HD3 
Control 24 console 
Macintosh G5 computer 
Millenia TD-1 mic preamp 
Tube Tech CL 1B Compressor 
Mackie HR824 monitors 
Tannoy Reveal monitors 
The room also has access to County Q's
extensive collection of classic and newer
microphones, mic preamps and compressors.

Studio C

County Q , Studio C, Mike Purcell

Studio C is a dedicated mix room. The room offers a balanced listening perspective through the combination of a reflective stone wall in the back and absorptive surfaces in the front. The room itself isn't big, but the sounds that come out of Studio C are huge. The room also makes for a comfortable production space. An M-Audio key studio complements the array of virtual synths. 
Mac Pro, Quad Core 3.0
Protools 9 HD
UA2192 Clock & Converters
Mackie HR824 Monitoring
M-Audio Key Station
Command 8 Control Surface
Toft EC-1 Mic Preamp/Compressor