The llifeforce of County Q is it's team of talented and passionate music producers. Our diverse staff have the musical skill and technical ability required to compete in today's highly competitive music industry landscape. Read through the list below to get a feel for the range of talents on site here at County Q. 

The lifeforce of County Q is its team of talented and passionate music producers. Our diverse staff have the musical skill and technical ability required to compete in today's highly competitive music industry landscape. Read through the list below to get a feel for the range of talents on site here at County Q. Let us know what we can do for your project.

the "Q" crew  

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Paul Scholten
Co-Founder of County Q Productions in 1985. Paul continues to lead the day-to-day operation at this ever evolving studio.  From production and engineering to booking and billing, Paul has his hands in everything. A session drummer  and versatile music arranger and producer, Paul is equally happy sitting behind the kit for 8 or 10 hours as he is sitting behind his beloved Trident console working with artists on tracks and vocal perfection. Paul's never sought notoriety, preferring to work behind the scenes on music and production projects that suit his varied tastes - which range on any given day from pop, to stone country, hip hop to bluegrass. "Genre is immaterial… if a record makes you dance, or laugh or cry, it's good music". 

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Mike Purcell
Mike is a master of all things digital audio. Having grown up with equally weighted interest in both computers and rock guitar, Mike was destined to become an audio engineer. He attended Belmont University for audio engineering but got his real education assisting and later engineering at the prestigious Castle Recording Studios in nearby Franklin TN, where he worked for a "who's who" of Nashville Producers and Artists. Over time, Mike has evolved into a mixing and mastering specialist. If your final product has to be loud, punchy commercial ear candy, look no further than Mike Purcell.

Ace (Nick Lutz)
Ace is just that.  Full of fun and energy, no one can touch him regarding speed and accuracy. Protools is his humble slave. Don't blink if you wanna keep up with his audio editing workflow. This, in combination with his innate ability to keep up with intricate details makes Ace an awesome tracking engineer and mixer.  Musically versatile, Ace is comfy producing and engineering a wide spectrum of styles from the earthiest organic acoustic music to the hardest hitting pop and R&B. 

Rob Matson
County Q's  elder statesmen, Rob has been producing and mixing great music for over 35 years. He's got the ears, the talent, and the precision for recording projects where audio fidelity and musical taste are critically important. Rob creates gorgeous mixes with deep colors and dazzling imaging. His vocal  tones, editing, tuning, and blending are without equal in Nashville. A masterful guitarist and music theory expert, Rob can navigate any musical issue with ease and wisdom. Adept with all modern commercial sounds, Rob is the choice for those discerning enough to demand a top-end producer/engineer.

Rob's site  Discography

Mario Moore (RIO)
Rio is at the forefront of Nashville's thriving urban music sphere. He's a writer, producer, artist and one of the hardest working guys in this town. When he's in the studio, music happens quickly. Fat beats just pour out of this guy. Thick silky vocal arrangements happen as quickly as they can be recorded. In Rio's hands, a song often goes from a vague notion of a hook to a complete record in one overnight session. A master choral vocalist by training and self-taught keyboard guru,  Rio brings his myriad musical influences (R&B, Hiphop, Gospel, Pop)  to bear on all his projects. Rio was nominated for a Dove award in '08 for best Rap/HipHop album.
Dove award    Rio's site

Craig Headen
Craig is beloved by anyone who has ever worked with him. As proprietor of his own dedicated on-site control room, he takes pride in all his production tasks, with special emphasis on vocal recording & editing. Sessions with Craig are always fun, creative, and relaxed. More recently Craig has immersed himself in the edm/techno realm. He has spent countless hours mastering the techniques and toys required for the creation of electronic music. If your project or remix requires elements from house , trance, dubstep and the like, Craig's definitely your man.  Craig has also worked in other areas of the business, artist management, tour support, and as such has valuable insights into the larger music industry. Discography

Pt Houston
Houston is an engineer's engineer. Originally operating his own studio in southern California, Houston freelances at County Q and now owns and operates his own full service recording studio in Franklin, TN. Houston is an instrumental and vocal tracking expert as well as respected mixer. He is certainly well-rounded having worked in every music genre as Engineer/Producer as well as guitarist and top shelf background vocalist, Houston has vast experience and talent and is several Producer's "Favorite Guy."  

Billy Decker
Billy is a top-drawer modern commercial country mixer. Content to stay clear of the limelight enjoyed by some Producer types, Billy has quietly built a reputation as the go-to mix engineer for that unmistakable Nashville sound.  If country radio is your end goal, Billy is your man. He has mixed radio singles for an impressive list of major label artists including Rodney Atkins, Montgomery Gentry, Kevin Fowler, Steve Holy, Katie Armiger, Frankie Ballard and more. Working in his private nearby facility, Billy can booked for select County Q clients through special arrangement. Booking   Discography

Jason Domenech
Jason is our site manager, tech, and all around know-it-all. He's involved in everything going on here: session set ups, equipment maintenance, data archiving, mix prep, etc. Way more than an assistant, Jason is a first rate studio engineer and avid mixer.  Huge drum sounds and lethal guitar sounds are where this guy lives. Jason is a hard-core "metal" enthusiast. If you're after mathematically incredible kick drum patterns, and impossibly fast guitar riffs, Jason is your guy. An amazing guitarist in his own right, Jason has everything any serious band would want in an Engineer.