services / pricing

Our Philosophy
At County Q we don't use the word "demo". All musical content produced here is dealt with as something special and potentially commercially viable on its own. Our desire is to put as much musical love and technical prowess into every single recording we do. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, you will never be made to feel like your project is anything less than top priority here. No matter what your budget is, we're excited and committed every step of the way. That said, we'll work with any budget.

You got $100 to spend?
We'll set aside an hour or 2 and record you playing and singing your song, and you'll walk out with a mixed cd and mp3 of it. 

You got $100,000 to invest?
We'll set aside a couple months, book producers, studios, musicians, arrangers, engineers and programmers. We'll A&R, rework/cowrite songs, build tracks, cut live dates, overdub, edit, tweak , comp , sweeten,  edit some more.  Mix, mix, mix, remix, master, edit, remaster,   and you'll walk out with all audio and data files for your full album release. 

Is your budget somewhere in between? 
We've spent over 25 years working creatively while keeping within real-world budget constraints. We love the challenge of making something special happen with whatever resources are available. 

We don't do package deals: We consider that an "assembly line" approach to pricing a service that should be as unique as you and your songs are. We prefer to spend time getting to know you and your situation before talking about money.  Email us and after getting to know your music and what you're hoping to accomplish with it , we'll  zero in some exact figures. This free service is more time consuming for us than simply publishing a rate card, but we prefer it because it allows us to work with an understanding and appreciation of you and your music. 

Request a specific budget tailored for your unique project.